Vapor Trail – The Smoking Cessation App

900 Days. 1069 Days.

Incredibly that’s the exact amount of time that has passed since I last “lit” up. I’m no longer using e-cigarettes either-although I do believe them to be much safer alternative. I credit kicking the habit almost entirely to these electronic vaporizing wonders (with a little help from my app.)

Vapor Trail Helping Smoking CessationI still use my Vapor Trail app to keep track of savings. The widget gives you a running total of cigarettes saved as well as money. At my last count that’s a whopping 24,599 cigarettes not smoked and £10,454.60(USD$13,021.20.) Impressive.

If you are trying e-cigarettes or quitting altogether I hope Vapor Trail helps a little. It’s available on Google Play.

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